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Decolonizing Wellness: Trauma-Informed, Healing-Centered Yoga, Workshops, Programming, and Community for all for Black, Indigenous, and racialized youth, women, femmes, and non-binary individuals.

Our Story

The Red Ma’at (pronounced ‘Muh-aht’) Collective emerged in early 2015 with a vision to prioritize Black, Indigenous, and racialized women, femmes, and non-binary individuals in yoga and wellness settings. We have since expanded our reach throughout the Greater Toronto Area, utilizing a trauma-informed approach and ensuring accessibility in various ways.

In our early stages, we hosted sessions in multi-purpose rooms, outdoor spaces, and collaborated with the community to create diverse settings. However, we recognized the need for consistent and reliable programming that participants could rely on and grow with. We are committed to providing accessible and high-quality wellness and yoga opportunities to all, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.

Our approach is deeply rooted in intersectionality, acknowledging the interconnectedness of identities and experiences. We strive to increase wellness accessibility for Black, Indigenous, and racialized women, femmes, and non-binary individuals, both virtually and in physical spaces that inspire healing and growth. By promoting the understanding that the surrounding environment and community can foster ease and well-being, we aim to create lasting impact and empower those we serve.

Our Why

In the face of patriarchy, sexism, and misogyny, we recognize the need for sacred spaces that acknowledge and confront these oppressive systems head-on. The Red Ma’at Collective is precisely that—a healing space for those who have shouldered the burdens of these intersecting oppressions. We aim to foster an environment where Black, Indigenous, and racialized women, femmes, and non-binary individuals can find support, validation, and empowerment.

Here, we come together as a collective force to honour and amplify our voices. We reclaim our breath as a profound tool of resistance—a tangible expression of our strength and resilience. Through intentional breathing, we transcend the limitations imposed upon us and embark on a transformative journey towards liberation and empowerment.

The Red Ma’at Collective stands as a testament to our shared commitment to healing, growth, and social change. Together, we cultivate a collective spirit that nourishes our minds, bodies, and souls. As we reclaim our breath, we reclaim our power. As we amplify our voices, we amplify our impact. And as we embark on this collective journey, we forge pathways of liberation and empowerment for ourselves and future generations.

Our Mission

To heal, inspire, and empower Black, Indigenous, marginalized women and gender expansive folks of colour through yoga, wellness, and community.

Our Vision

To facilitate healing and empowerment using inspirational spaces that provide consistent, reliable, high-quality programming and services in community .

Our Values

Ubuntu: I am because we are. Together, we heal and rise stronger.

Sankofa: Look back to move forward. Our ancestors' resilience and wisdom guide us in our healing journey.

Ma'at: Balance and harmony bring healing. Let us strive to restore balance in our lives.

Nia: Purpose drives healing. Let us connect with our purpose and let it guide us in our healing journey.

Ujamaa: Cooperative economics for healing. Let us support each other financially and economically to heal and thrive.

Seshat: Wisdom and knowledge for healing. Let us strive to explore wisdom and knowledge to achieve healing.

Tawazun: Happiness and healing come from balance. Let us strive to restore balance in our lives through joy.

“This is an awesome initiative for bringing Black bodies together, as someone who doesn’t have friends in this city, it is nice to be apart of black led yoga movement and hope it continues to grow!”


The hospitality was top tier! You all are doing amazing work providing a space for POC to engage in a space and activity where you don’t tend to find us! I can’t wait to come back!”

“Thanks for creating this space for US!”

What we offer


We provide free and accessible, trauma-informed yoga classes and workshops (virtually and in-person). Including various styles such as hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, and post-rehabilitation.


Our programs facilitate specialized educational workshops and trainings in collaboration with local BI&WoC/gender-expansive folx, by also providing free digital wellness resources and content.


We offer various programming, community events, workshops, trainings, community collaborations, community outreach and support, social justice and impact initiatives.


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